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Support Channels


Monitor your Instagram activities and respond to post comments right from your helpdesk.

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Never miss every single tweet mentions and direct messages right from your helpdesk.

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Never miss every single tweet mentions and direct messages right from your helpdesk.

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Live Chat Widget

You Can add a chat widget to your website or support portal to enable real-time conversations with customers.

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Track and manage all your email interactions by converting them to tickets easily, and you can add more mailboxes to freshdesk.

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Phone Call (Contact Us to Set Up)

With Sociomile, you can set up you own Telephone support center that can be monitored perfectly.

SMS (Contact Us to Set Up)

Integrate your multiple local or toll-free phone numbers and SMS Support center with your other channels.


Have a real-time conversations with customers in Official LINE Account of your company right from your helpdesk.

Helpdesk Management

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Resolve an issue using SLAs with customers and agents under your expectations.

Business hours

Define the working hours of your support team so SLA due by time is calculated based on business hours and not calendar hours.

Supervisor dashboard

Oversee which agent or group is working on how many tickets and their ticket statuses using the dashboard

Multiple products

Set up different customer portals for your multiple products and use automation rle to direct issues to different teams.

Agent roles

Help your agents by giving them a role to define what part of the helpdesk that they can access.


Agent collision prevention

Lock ticket details when other agents is looking at a ticket

Accelarate Your Team

Collaborate with team members across the company to resolve customer issues faster

Ticketing System

Reply to tickets

You can reply to tickets created through any support channel right from Sociomile. The replies will reach the customers through their prefered channel.

Mark Tickets as Spams

Create automation rules to mark tickets from certain requesters or those carrying certain keywords as spam (or mark tem as spam manually).

View Requester Info

Identify the information related to the requester of the ticket right next to it.

Filter tickets

You can filter tickets based on its properties like due by time, status, and the agent who is responsible to the ticket.

Export tickets

Export any list of tickets along with conversations and the propoerties of the tickets of you choose.

Tag tickets

Tag tickets with keywords, then you can find them easily.

Respond Quickly

Save responses to the question you receive most often and insert them into your ticket replies with one click.

Add time to tickets

Track the time agents spend on every ticket.

Auto refresh ticket list and details

Sociomile will update ticket list and details page automatically for the changes have made.

Ticket activity log

See the comprehensive history of the ticket, including which agent/automation rule modified which properties.

Filtered search

Filter your search results with all the ticket properties.


Vital metrics based on properties

See the values of major helpdesk metrics and see breakdowns based on various properties

Performance distribution

An analysis of the first response time, overall response time and resolution time of the helpdesk.

Ticket volume trend

An analysis of the tickets created, tickets resolved and the unresolved tickes over time.

Data export

Export data from your helpdesk and analyse it with any tool you use.

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