Live Chat Widget

Add a chat widget to your website or support portal and enable real-time conversations with customers.

Set Up

Add chat widget on website page or application

Add the chat widget on any webpage

Customizing widget appearance and text

The window colour, position and various messages and window titles during the various stages of the chat can be customized

Mobile optimization of chat widget

For the visitors side, the chat widget is automatically optimized.

Live Chat for Supervisor

Set Chat Availibillity

Admins can set the business hours during which agents will be available to chat with visitors.

Load balanced Chat assignment

Assign chat automatically to agents based on a threshold value to ensure agents aren't overwhelmed.

Maximum number of chats agents can handle simultaneosly

Set the maximum number of visitors the agent can chat with simultaneously.When the load is maxed out,the chat becomes a missed chat.

Pre-chat forms

Collects information before a chat session begins to give the agent more context about the visitor.

Missed chat forms

The Missed Chat form helps collect information about the website visitors when none of the agents are available to attend the chat.

Proactive live chat for visitors

Initiate chat with visitors proactively. Example if they have been active on a particular page for too long, can proactively ask them if they need help

View new and returning visitors

A full list of new and returning visitors to the site is displayed in the visitor dashboard.Agents can initiate a chat based on page,time spent or country. This list is accessible from the chat widget in the main dashboard or the chat bar on the bottom left of the screen.

Agent availibility

Admins can monitor agent availibility and status with this feature. This feature helps the admin plan and monitor the chat queue better.

Live Chat for Agents

Agents can indicate their availibility

An agent can indicate their availability by clicking on the chat bubble next to their profile picture on the top right corner of the support portal (Green when available). When the agent is away from the desk, can click again on the chat bar to indicate they are not available (Grey). No new chats will be assigned to the agent if the status is set to not available.

Recent chats

Displays the last 5 chats of the agent

Chat History

All the chat transcripts of the support portal can be accessed here.

Converting chats to tickets

The convert to a ticket option appears when the chat is ended.If you would like to troubleshoot the issue then the chat can be converted into a ticket and the customer can be updated about the state of the issue periodically.

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