Bring your support portal to your fans on Facebook and convert all the posts and messages into tickets.

Integrating Facebook with Sociomile

Integrate a single Facebook page

Manage and respond to all interactions from your primary Facebook page easily.

Associate multiple Facebook Pages with your helpdesk

Import and manage multiple Facebook product pages from a single place.

Automatically import visitor posts/comments as tickets

Import all visitor posts on a Page as tickets automatically.

Automatically import Private Messages as tickets

Convert private messages from visitors to your Page into tickets automatically.

Interacting on Facebook from Sociomile

Post general replies on visitor posts/comments

Reply to Facebook posts as you would a normal helpdesk ticket. Agent replies are added as comments to the original post on Facebook.

Split individual comments as separate tickets

Split individual comments as separate tickets and track/respond to each issue separately.

Reply to private messages directly from the helpdesk

Identify PMs by the lock icon in the left margin. Reply to PMs as you would a normal ticket. This will be the same as having a private chat with the user on Facebook.

View the post on Facebook

View the original post on Facebook by clicking the View on Facebook link in the ticket. You can also identify which page the post/comment was sent from here (in case of multiple Pages associated with a single helpdesk).

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